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Enerphit Certification, what is it ?

Not all buildings can be renovated to the Passive House Classic Standard without great difficulty and cost. EnerPHit is a building standard that was developed by the Passive House Institute for existing buildings with such limitations due to unavoidable thermal bridges.

EnerPHit is the established Standard for refurbishment of existing buildings using Passive House components or the energy demand method via climate zone. Through the use of Passive House components, EnerPHit certified buildings offer nearly all the advantages of a Passive House building to the residents – while at the same time offering optimum cost-effectiveness.

The EnerPHit seal provides assurance that optimum thermal protection has been implemented for the respective existing building. An EnerPHit retrofit includes the insulation of the floor, exterior walls and roof with Passive House insulation thicknesses, installing Passive House windows and reducing air leaks. A ventilation system with heat recovery ensures reliable fresh air. Thermal bridges are reduced to a reasonable extent.

Advantages of Certification

A significant energy savings of between 75 – 90% can be achieved even in existing buildings, for which the following measures have proved to be particularly effective:

Certification is a way to ensure quality control during the design and planning processes. It is also a way to make it easier for the designer to specify adequate components, since they have been independently tested and certified. For more informations :


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